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The Truth About Online Reputation Management Services

Our Staff reporter ( Shania Nischel ) investigated online reputation management services,  and we decided to share our findings about these “Reputation Management” companies to see what it is that they actually do to help with online business defamation.  We decided to post the truth about Online Reputation Management Services, according to our research and findings.  Our findings weren’t all that surprising to us.  Business Name Defamation is a rampant problem on the internet that can be executed quite easily these days, due to the anonymity that the internet allows.

What Is Online Business Name Defamation?

Online Business Name Defamation is when someone (an ex-employee, disgruntled customer, competitor or random individual) posts something negative about your business that in a manner that it damages your reputation.  It is sad to say that, nowadays, a large number of businesses become victim to this type of action via unscrupulous practices by their competitors or disgruntled ex-employee.  We will also note that some defamation isn’t exactly illegal.  For example; if I buy a Honda from the Honda dealership.  And the dealership has it listed at $10,000 and tells me that the Kelley Blue Book values the car at $15,000 and I buy it under the pretense that KBB values the car at $15,000, but I find out (from Kelley Blue Book), that KBB only values it at $8,000, then my postings regarding that scenario aren’t illegal what-so-ever.  They may be defamatory; however, since they are based solely on 100% provable facts, they are not illegal.

How Does Reputation Management Work

How Reputation Management works is widely discussed, and the methods can vary depending upon the consultant that you speak with, however, the number one way to manage your online reputation is to satisfy your customers.  Unfortunately it is nearly impossible to satisfy 100% of your customers 100% of the time.  That being said, your best practice for reputation management, especially your online reputation management, is to do your best to satisfy your customers.  This starts with the sale.  Ensure that your representatives aren’t offering products/services/promises that your company cannot deliver upon.  If you are honest with your customers and fulfill them to the best of your abilities; odds are, you won’t have reputation management problems.  Unfortunately, this isn’t the case all of the time.  In those cases, you may need to focus some time and/or capital on managing your online reputation.  If this appears to be the case with you, you had better do some research before spending money on tactics that may do more harm than good.

Online Reputation Management Companies & Strategies

There are plenty of Online Reputation Management Companies and strategies available for you and your business to choose from.  Be very careful in your research before doing business with any of them.  We have found several scam reports on some Online Reputation Management Companies and their strategies.  At this time, we are not going to recommend any particular Online Reputation Management Company (as we’ve never used one), though we have included a short list of some of our findings.

  • Some will defame your business online if you turn down their services once they have pitched you their offers.
  • Some will promise to remove bad postings about your business on Consumer Advocacy sites like Rip Off Report, Consumer Affairs and Find The Scams (us).  We all have “No Removal” policies in place, and have no way of allowing them to remove the report.  That makes the promise a falsity.
  • Some promise to push down the search results for Consumer Advocacy sites, like ourselves.  While this is true, the odds are that their minimal tactics will not last, as the search engine ranking algorithms are constantly updated to prevent search engine results abuse and manipulation.
  • Some do absolutely nothing once they get your money.
  • Some of them have so many scam warnings posted about them, they’ve had to change their name 5 or 6 times in the last 5 years.

Those are just a few of the issues that we see with these companies.  To clarify, we did not find bad information about every single Online Reputation Management company that we reviewed, however, the ones that we didn’t find bad information on, have not yet replied to our request for an interview.  That being said, we could not necessarily validate those ones either.  We are, after all, Find The Scams; so either they were intimidated, or they are legitimate and too busy to speak with us.

Proper Reputation Management Online Takes Time

If you have negative postings about your company online, know that proper reputation management online takes time.  It isn’t an overnight solution to your issue.  You are going to have to be diligent and focused on improving the situation over time.  Start with your current customers and potential customers; then focus on the rest.  You can build backlinks to good reviews and you can start blogs, however, in the end, if you aren’t servicing your customers to the level of satisfaction that you promised when making them a client, your problem isn’t going to just vanish.


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