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Emerging technology group has more than 30 former CEO’s

Emerging Technology Group currently has more than 30 former federal and state polygraph examiners running government law enforcement exams while the company and CEO Jeremy Samide are currently charged with numerous counts of fraud and money laudering.

Polygraph policies should be changed to prevent contractors with fraud charges from running government exams (see attached for government documents).

Since March 2010, The Defense Intelligence Agency’s (DIA) Chief of Credibility Assessment, Brett Stern, has spent over 40 million dollars of US Tax Payer money funding a polygraph contractor, Emerging Technologies Group , whose institution in addition to their entire current management team (ETG, Jeremy Samide, Michael A. Knight [Ohio CPA License #18427] and Ann Katigbak) have each been charged with committing numerous counts of financial fraud amounting in over 1 million dollars worth of unaccounted funds in 2011 and 1.1 Million in unaccounted funded in 2012 in several public an ongoing cases since 2012 (DIA’s previous and current funding to ETG in the amount of $43,927,041.83 under a DIA Central Processing Services Contract currently managed by Brett Stern can be verified via the federal government . The Metropolitan Police Department’s Chief, Cathy Lanier has also disbursed several hundreds of thousands dollars worth of DC residents’ tax payer money funding ETG to run all of their pre-employment polygraph exams (over 1,500 polygraph examinations annually . E-merging Technologies Group (ETG) itself, in addition to its senior management staff Jeremy Samide, Michael Knight and Ann Katigbak have been in litigation since 2012 and are still currently facing numerous charges for committing “fraud” in addition to various other white collar crimes with money derived primarily from government funded polygraph contracts (including financial “fraud,” “illegal activity,” misappropriation of funds, “manipulating financial records,” diversion of funds, “self-serving” and engaging in “self-dealing” in “excess of “1.1 Million Dollars in 2011” and “over 1 million dollars in 2012,” fraudulently creating “unauthorized” employment agreements and contracts and breaching numerous other federal and state laws- see attached for 2 of many official court documents -) are currently managing numerous government funded polygraph contracts and over 40 federal and state law enforcement polygraph examiners who are running exams on all pre-employment applicants on various US government federal and state polygraph contracts (for a list of other government agencies funding ETG’s polygraph activities.

Jeremy Samide has also obtained government funds for polygraph tests that his subcontractors and their examiners conducted and has violated numerous subcontractor agreements by not dispersing the funds appropriately. Yet the institution, all executive members and the federal polygraph examiners from this organization all currently hold US Active Top Secret Security Clearances and are currently being endorsed by the American Polygraph Association (APA). The APA  is currently promoting Emerging Technologies Group’s polygraph activities within the US Federal and State Law Enforcement Sector on their website and currently has 3 separate recruiting postings up ( asking that NCCA trained “federally qualified Polygraph Examiners” as well as state law enforcement trained examiners join ETG to “work in support of several government agencies” in “conducting CI scope screening, specific issue, criminal or expanded-scope polygraph tests and to “screen police, fire and public safety applicants using the Law Enforcement Pre-Employment Test.” What can you do to help stop DIA, the DCMPD and other government agencies from paying exorbitantly large sums of US tax payer money to fund contractors with clear ethics concerns from administrating polygraph exams to pre-employment applicants? Contact legislators and ask that they look into the DIA, DMPD and other government agencies’ continued funding of E-merging Technologies Group’s Polygraph operations in both in the Federal and State law enforcement sector.


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