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Hostile Work Environment, COO is destroying the business

I worked at Business Financial Services full-time (More than 3 years) .Most of the employees are wonderful people, nice fancy office, average hours, the CEO appears to care but won’t intervene when the COO makes irrational decisions. The managers scream at each other on a regular basis. The COO does not interact with employees and is completely arrogant and blind to the real issues within the company. People are rewarded based on favoritism from the COO, not based on performance. The COO has complete control over everything and takes DAYS / WEEKS to resolve time sensitive issues. If you do or say something that he disagrees with expect retaliation. Fire the COO (MM) before you lose any more of your most valuable employees… I’m sure the rest will figure itself out.

I am sure about this company will never able to cope up with process of operations and the business strategy . I personally experienced it . The way they have been treating to the employees is Unbelievable ! . They don’t care about anything except money . Moreover , they don’t provide any benefits like insurance or any good opportunity grow as a employee .

I am pretty sure that this company will end up like nothing and there is no growth except wasting my time and money which they own me now .


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