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Will this be the most awkward Thanksgiving ever?

On Thursday, Americans across the US will gather to celebrate Thanksgiving. But with the current political landscape, it looks like this year could see a decidedly frosty feast for some families.

The US presidential election didn’t just divide the nation, it split some families right down the middle. And as the country prepares to mark Thanksgiving, thousands of Americans are taking to social media to share feelings of dread and words of advice on how to cope with the fallout.

Tweet: Thanksgiving 2016 tip. This year, instead of adults table and kids table, Hillary table and Donald table.


Tweet: are you ready for thanksgiving where your aunt voted for hillary but your cousin backed gary johnson & 55 percent of your family voted trump


Tweet: This is gonna be one helluva Thanksgiving. Imagine the table tossing that will erupt when your drunk uncle starts in on Trump or Clinton.

If this sounds too close for comfort, it might be worth looking at the survival guides that have sprung up online.

“Know your emotions and be prepared to manage them. Be curious: listen with an intent to hear, rather than react,” advises hostage negotiator George Kohlrieser in Quartz magazine’s feature on how to manage “difficult political conversations with people you love”.

He also suggests: “Come equipped with the things you can say to deflect: ‘I don’t share that view. Pass the potatoes.'”

The New York Times has also drawn up a guide on how to “argue fairly and without rancor”.

New York Times advice on body language - avoid patronising gestures like crossing you arms and clenching your jaw, maintain eye contact in a way that is not a stare-down and lean forward to show interest.


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